Instagram is now one of the most popular platforms for anyone who wants to find perfect locations for travel and showcase their photography skills.

With Sri Lanka’s vastly different landscapes across the country, your thirst for a distinctive Insta-feed may have a chance to be quenched. Here are the most Instagrammed, picturesque places in Sri Lanka, worthy of a spot on your Instagram feed while your time here.

1. Pidurangala Rock

Pidurangala is the twin of Sigiriya, located very close to each other, thus presents a magnificent view of the Sigiriya Rock. It was a Buddhist monastery, and still there are a few monks living in the temple of the base. The hike up to the top is not a hard one, though having some broken stairs to pass through. If you make it very early in the morning, you can enjoy the spectacular sunrise above the clouds. Make sure you cover yourself apparently as you have to go through the temple in the base to start the hike.

2. Koggala Beach

A small coastal town located in Galle, Koggala is another gem of a place for photophiles out there. Situated at the edge of a lagoon, Koggala is mostly famous for Stilt Fishing, which is a fascinating traditional fishing method of Sri Lanka, where fishermen perch on branched poles as they fish.

3. Avukana Buddha Statue

Located in Avukana Rajamaha Viharaya near Kekirawa, North Central Province, the Avukana Statue stands in all its glory, more than 40-feet in height. Dating back to the 5th century, this ancient statue was meticulously carved out of a granite rock face, and eloquently portrays the Abhayamudrā hand position.

4. Palm Grove Avenue in Peradeniya Botanical Garden

While you are at Kandy, don’t forget to check the royal botanical garden in Peradeniya, which is home for thousands of varieties of flora and fauna from the Kandy era. When you are in search of an instagrammable spot in this garden,  palmyra palm avenue is the best among all other avenues. Go in the morning to get the perfect picture with a lesser crowd under the beautiful daylight.

5. The Train Ride to Ella

Sri Lanka has a very different landscape when traveling across the country. Taking a train ride to Ella from Kandy is the best way of experiencing the incredible beauty of the country. This is also known as one of the most scenic train rides in the world. Starting from the central hill lands, passing misty mountains and lush tea plantations will be a remarkable experience in your trip in Sri Lanka. And it is a great way to interact with the locals and enjoy the views while taking the ride to beautiful Ella.

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6. Tea Plantations in Nuwara Eliya

Since 1867, Sri Lanka has had a commercial tea culture, especially in the central highlands due to the perfect weather in the hills. Nuwara Eliya, also known as Little England, is the best place to visit tea plantations in the country. Also, you can pay a visit to some tea factories, walk through the lush tea gardens, and have some fantastic shots for the feed.

7. Mini Adam’s Peak – Ella

Ella is a beautiful little town for adventurous people for some great hiking experiences. Visiting the Mini Adam’s Peak is a great way to wrap up your day, watching the sunset from the summit. During the morning, or even in the daytime, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the valleys underneath your feet, and you are almost above the clouds!

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8. Demodara Nine Arch Bridge – Ella

The Nine Arch Bridge is another monument that you must visit in Ella. It is a large bridge entirely built with brick without a single part of steel. You can climb up to the viewpoint to have a great view of the train rushing across the bridge, or simply walk into the middle of the bridge when there are no trains.

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9. On the Top of the Diyaluma Waterfall

The second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka has a  trail to reach the top of the waterfall. And there is another waterfall called Upper Diyaluma, which has a few natural pools overlooking the mountains. If you plan the trip in a relatively dry season, don’t forget to dip in the pool of the edge and pose for a picture.

10. National Parks

Sri Lanka has 26 national parks across the country, 16 of those have elephants. Most of these parks have safari tours, in an open jeep where you can genuinely enjoy the Sri Lankan wilderness. Though it is illegal to get down from the vehicles inside the parks, still you can take a great picture with a gentle giant in your background. .

11. Coconut Tree Hill and Peacock Mural – Mirissa

Mirissa, considered to be a Sri Lankan surf paradise, is a small coastal town in the southern area of the country.  Coconut Tree Hill is a small triangular patch of land close to the main road, with coconut trees facing the sea. This is one of the most photographed places in Mirissa, so you could easily ask directions from a local. Watching the sunset over the coconut trees is a great shot for the feed if you love being insta-famous.

When walking down the main road, you will come across another famed landmark in Mirissa: a mural of a peacock spreading its train of brilliant tail feathers, which gives you a chance to be a dancing peacock for a moment. This incredible wall art has been there for a few years now, thousands of Instagrammers posing in front of the art.

12. Wijaya Beach and Rope Swing in Dalawella

Wijaya Beach is also a famous stretch of beach close to Unawatuna. But there is a distinctive rock on this beach, unmistakable when you walk along. In the evening, it gives you a chance of getting a picture with the golden sky in the backdrop.

Just a stone’s throw away from Wijaya Beach is the Dalawella beach. When walking down this strip of sand and waves, don’t think twice to get onto the famous rope swing of Dalawella, secured on to a coconut tree next to the shore. Get a picture while the sun sets for the day to have a pastel color background mixed with golden hues.

13. Galle Fort

Galle Dutch Fort is also a great place for a traveler to focus more on the Instagram feed. Walking along the brick walls and posing around the lighthouse in a corner would be a great way of exposing your trip to the world. Especially during the sunset, long walks on the ramparts and busy streets, giving you more chances of taking insta-worthy pictures.

Galle Fort
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14. Ramboda Falls – Nuwara Eliya

Ramboda falls is the 11th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, located at Ramboda Pass alongside A5 Highway in Pussellawa, Nuwara Eliya. 109 meters (358 ft) in height, this two-drop waterfall is a mesmerizing sight that would definitely earn a spot on your Instagram feed.

15. Madu River Safari and Fish Spa – Balapitiya

Balapitiya is another small coastal town in Galle district, significantly known for the Madu River (or Madu Ganga, as locals call it), which is surrounded by mangrove forests, and flows across a large lagoon to the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by mangrove forests and rich in biodiversity, the Madu River is famous for its river safari, where you can rent a motor boat to explore the secret passageways and the surrounding ecology, and stop by the natural fish spa for an open-air fish massage.

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