Surrounded by serene beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is slowly becoming a surfer’s paradise. Even though Sri Lanka does not deliver 10-footers consistently, surfing enthusiasts, novice as well as professional surfers, are seeking the less-crowded beaches for solo surfs in the warm, tropical waters, which is rare in most of the globally renowned surfing spots.

Here’s your guide to the best surfing spots around the country. Surf’s up!

South Coast

Best time to visit: October to April


Weligama Beach Break is an ideal surf spot for amateur surfers. The beach stretches out for about 2 kilometers , and has plenty of surfing schools along the coast, with boards for rent. There is a chance that it might get crowded since there are many beginners who line up for the Weligama waves, but you might get the undisturbed surf you hoped for, if you time your visit right during high season.

Midigama: Lazy Left, Lazy Right, and Rams

Midigama is located just North of Weligama, and it has three great surf points: Lazy Left, a long board friendly spot with the waves getting better in the afternoon; Lazy Right, which has a shallow reef break and located closer to the road; Rams, where powerful waves break over shallow coral reef, is a favorite spot among more advanced surfers. While riding the waves at Rams is no easy task for amateur surfers, Lazy Left and Right are beginner-friendly.

Gurubebila / Coconut Point (Plantation)

This is a spot suited for more advanced surfers because of its A-frame reef break formation, and it is great for early morning surfs. Also, the beach is secluded and consists of a natural pool in front of the reef break, which makes Gurubeblia the perfect place to lay back and relax when the surf is small.

Mirissa Bay

Located just South of Weligama, Mirissa is a crescent-shaped beach with coconut trees and rocky reefs lining the sides. This quaint strip of beach favors both left and right handers, and welcomes surfers of all skill levels with its mellow waves. The only downside is, it could be crowded especially during weekends, since Mirissa is one of the most popular Instagrammable locations in the country.


Kabalana is located down the road from Ahangama, and is popular among short boarders as one of the best A-frames in the island.  It is a great spot for beginners but the main point offers a rip current, which breaks into smaller waves after hitting the rocky reef out back.


The party town of South Coast, Hikkaduwa (or as the regulars call it, Hikka), is located 20 kilometres away from Galle. In addition to the delicious street food and beach parties, Hikka has several great surf spots to offer.

  • Beach Break has a reef break and is a favorite spot for beginners.
  • North Jetty is ideal for long left handers with a reef break provided by the harbour wall.
  • Main Reef provides a deeper reef that favors both left and right handers, and is comparatively safe for all skill levels.
  • Bennys has a reef break that favors lefties and is a popular choice among well-experienced surfers when there are waves that exceed 6ft.


Unawatuna is more famous as a holiday destination, but it also has some great surfing spots as well. The swells are not ideal all the time but locals can point out the places where the swells are just right. Some of the popular surf spots are:

  • Unawatuna Beach Break, which has a man-made reef that protects the Rumassala temple on the shore from the waves, so the beach offers some great waves for beginners.
  • Bonavista Bay is located to the north of the Rumassala peninsula, and gives out good waves for learners.
  • Dalawella is around 120 meters up the main beach, and has a reef made of corals and rocks, which favors left siders.

East Coast

Best time to visit: April to October

Arugam Bay

Located 320 kilometres east from Colombo, Arugam Bay is a world-famous surfing destination. It is famed for its point break which has many surfers considering Arugam Bay as the best surfing spot in Sri Lanka. While professional or advanced surfers tend to pick Main Point, there are a few spots that are popular among beginners too, such as:

  • Elephant Rock is a great spot for beginners with a beautiful beach hidden behind a cluster of rocks, just a tuk ride away from Arugam Bay.
  • Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point both are located just north of Arugam Bay,  and both points are considered best for more experienced surfers.
  • Peanut Farm is another point break just South of Arugam Bay, and it is an isolated, unspoilt beach, where you can enjoy that rare, solo ride. This surf point is recommended for surfers of all skill levels.
  • Okanda is the last surf point East Coast has to offer, and there is a scenic 45-minute ride through a jungle to get here. and it provides both a main wave and a right hand wave with a large rock formation to its North. While this point is also recommended for all skill levels, the main break should be approached with caution.

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