Mirissa, is a small coastal town that is gaining popularity as the new party town in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Located in Matara District in Southern Province, Sri Lanka, Mirissa is quite popular for its pristine beaches, whale watching, surf waves, and nightlife. Among countless experiences you can gain at Mirissa, here’s our top 8 things to do in Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

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1. Mirissa Coconut Tree Hill

Coconut Tree Hill, or Palm Tree Hill (Palm Tree Hill Mirissa), in Mirissa is a small hilltop with an abundance of coconut trees, looking over the ocean. This is a popular spot among tourists as well as locals for its stunning views of the sea and sunset. Again, you can ask your hotel or a local for directions to the Coconut Tree Hill; it is fairly easy to find, but there is a little uphill trek to get to the spot.

Coconut Tree Hill, Mirissa

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  • Entrance: Free
  • Things to Do: Chill, Watch Sunset

2. Visit Parrot Rock, Mirissa

Parrot Rock Mirissa is a rocky boulder that sticks up from Mirissa Beach. This is a great spot for a drone shot of the Mirissa Beach. You have to wade across the water to get on top of Parrot Rock, so be mindful not to do so in high tide.

Parrot Rock, Mirissa

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  • Entrance: Free
  • Things to Do: Chill, Drone Shots

3. Visit Secret Beach, Mirissa

Aptly named, this secluded strip of beach is hidden away with a steep rocky road. Although it is a little harder to reach, once you get there the view will be worth the effort. Ask your hotel, or a local (but be aware of scammers), to show you the way to the Secret Beach.

Secret Beach, Mirissa

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  • Entrance: Free
  • Things to Do: Snorkel, Chill, Secret Beach Bar
  • Note: There is a bar on Secret Beach where you can buy food and drinks, conveniently named as Secret Beach Bar. Be aware that the prices here could be higher than the regular prices. Snorkeling equipment are also available to rent at Secret Beach Bar.

4. Surfing

Mirissa has several popular spots for surfing, recommended mostly for beginners. There are a few great surfing schools around Mirissa where you can get surfing lessons and even get a photograph of you surfing for the first time:

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Surfing in Mirissa

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5. Whale Watching

Mirissa is a very popular spot for whale watching. You would not want to miss the rare opportunity to see these giant aquatic creatures parading in all their glory while coming up for air. Just brace yourself for a little bit of a bumpy ride.

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Whale Watching, Mirissa

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  • Fee: $$
  • Best Time to Spot Whales: November to March

There are a few whale watching services provided in and around Mirissa:

6. Partying / Nightlife

Mirissa is slowly gaining on the reputation of Hikkaduwa as the Sri Lankan southern coast’s party capital. Famous for nightlife with woodfire-oven pizza and surprisingly cheap cocktails, beach bars in here become live and kicking into the wee hours of the night.

Nightlife in Mirissa

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Best places to Party around Mirissa:

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