About Ella Wala Falls

Located a little way towards the South of Ella, Sri Lanka, Ella Wala Falls is an amazingly beautiful waterfall surrounded by a lush green forest, and with a natural pool at the bottom. Even if it is not that close to Ella, Ella Wala Falls remains a top of the travel bucket list of anyone visiting Ella.

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How to Get There

Ella Wala Falls is situated 20 km from Ella on Ella-Wellawaya Road, or 3 km from Wellawaya if you are heading towards Ella from Wellawaya. The journey towards Ella Wala Falls from Ella is through a scenic route that passes by Ella Rock, Little Adams Peak and the Ali Kote Ara Reservoir.

The main landmark at the turnoff from the main road toward Ella Wala Falls is Rathmal Wehera Buddhist Temple. You need to take the road opposite to the temple, and go up the road for about 7 km. Since the waterfall is hidden away from the main road inside a jungle and the road is not so great, it is highly recommended that you hire a 4×4 or a Tuk Tuk for this part of the journey. You may have to walk a few kilometers depending on the road conditions.

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Things to Note

  • Since the waterfall is inside a fairly uninhabited part of the jungle, it is best to accompany a local to trek the woods to the waterfall in case of an emergency.
  • It is totally safe to take a dip in the natural pool, but be extra cautious about the water levels on rainy days. Constant rain may increase the water level drastically, and you may have zero warning signs.

Other Places to Visit Around Ella Wala

  • Buduruwagala
  • Diyaluma Falls
  • Upper Diyaluma
  • Ravana Falls

Safe travels! And remember, “Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints”.

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